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custom weatherproof stickersTamper Evident and Tamperproof Stickers
Stickers and labels can be used for security purposes.
But how can a sticker aid in having security or protection for a certain business product?


You strive hard to produce a high quality product and since these products are gaining popularity, many are being imitated, that, at some point, imitators claim to produce the original. These counterfeit products can very well hurt the sales of the original product. Therefore, the products must be protected. As a protection, one can use security stickers.

- Tamper Evident Stickers – These security stickers are used to prevent tampering and theft. These are placed on small products or packages which integrity must be maintained, such as pharmaceuticals, inventoried products, electronic equipment, baby food and other retail products of a similar nature. When tamper evident stickers are removed or cut, the left surface may show words such as “Void” or “Opened”. Such will alert the purchaser that the product he is buying was already tampered.

- Destructible Stickers – These security stickers are made of sensitive materials that easily tears off or breaks apart. Thus, removing these security stickers, unaltered or whole, from the surface on which they came from is virtually impossible. The material may easily flake off into many pieces. When one sees a security sticker that appeared to be torn, then one should assume that the product or package has been tampered with.

- Holograms – These security stickers guard against counterfeit products. Copying a hologram is extremely difficult. Thus, holograms are perfect security stickers for products which may be easily imitated, such as ID cards, certificates, credit cards, pharmaceutical products, and legal papers. A label and sticker manufacturer can be asked to create a customized hologram.

- Security Bar Codes – These security stickers is made of special materials which cannot be read or distinguished by the naked eye, but can be read by using infrared. These security barcodes are usually found on employees’ ID, particularly the security personnel.

- Security Inks – Some security stickers used security inks which are also known as thermochromatic ink. Such an ink will change color of the product is exposed to undesirable temperatures.

- Microscopic Tracers – Some security stickers have tracer particles imbedded on the film or paper which will be used for manufacturing the stickers or labels. The sole purpose of such security stickers is for authentication.

Whichever type of security you need, the right security sticker will be the answer. Just browse the various security stickers that are available at a reliable and knowledgeable sticker and label manufacturer.

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The following ink colors are standard with no extra charge.
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