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VINYL Weatherproof Stickers
These stickers are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and last a minimum of 1 1/2 years, depending on use. All stickers are laminated for protection. Stocks include White vinyl-type material, Clear Polyester, Bright or Brushed Silver. Permanent and removable adhesives available for standard applications.

custom weatherproof stickersWe proudly operate one of the industries most reliable flexographic presses, the Mark Andy 830.  For our 1, 2, and 3 color jobs the Mark Andy 830 is not only reliable but also one of the most cost effective printing presses available.  It can print up to 7 inches wide and 12 inches long.  Allowing a wide range of material the Flexo Press can handle both indoor and outdoor applications.  Our press operators have over 20 years experience in the printing industry and is meticulous in their work.  If it doesn’t meet our standards, it doesn’t leave our shop.

A Raised Image

Blind Embossing adds dimension to  your label by creating a sculpted image using pressure and a metal die. For optimal embossing definition, we recommend that lines, borders and fonts not be less than one point in thickness. We do not advise the use of screens for embossing as we can't guarantee a clear impression. Combinations of embossing, ink and foil are available.

Vinyl, Polyfilm or Silver Stock
Outdoor and Indoor Use

Vinyl material is usually used for outdoor stickers but not limited to outdoors. It is a durable stock that withstands most weather-harsh conditions. We print 90 percent of the band stickers, danger labels, product stickers and more on Vinyl, Silver and Clear Outdoor substrates. Whereas paper stickers leave an adhesive and paper residue when trying to remove, vinyl film does not. All of the vinyl stickers are laminated for an added protection. Lamination is a clear film that is laid down on top of the printed sticker to guard against scuffing or scratching the printed image.

Matte Litho Stock
Indoor Use

Matte Litho is a smooth surface making for a high print quality. This type of paper sticker is used for Shipping labels, barcode imprinting, address labels, products, cartons and much more. There are many uses for matte litho adhesive sticker material. Great for typing and writing on. Mainly for indoor use. Under this category, you can find more interesting colors such as Fluorescents Stocks (Green, Red, Orange, Pink).

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Gloss Stock
Indoor Use

As with matte litho material, gloss stock is a very popular sticker material. It is also used for products, band stickers, special events, advertising websites, clothing line and more. Under this category, you can find more interesting colors such as Bright and Dull Silver foil, Bright and Dull Gold Foil, Yellow background and Clear indoor stock.


What is a Reverse?

A reverse is simply reversing your text or artwork so that it gives the appearance of white ink printed on a different color background. The image on the left is artwork. The image on the right is the final image printed on an oval sticker using red ink.

INDOOR - Everyday Use
Printed in up to 3 colors. White Gloss stock, Yellow Gloss, Ivory Gloss, Clear Film, Red Fluorescents, Gold and Silver Foil, White Matte. 

DIGITAL PRINTING - Full Color, specialty shapes, fade resistant!!
These full color stickers can be reproduced using just your high quality jpg, gif, bitmap or Illustrator and Corel Draw artwork.
They are printed on 4 mil. vinyl and are fade resistant. They work well on bumpers too!!
We also offer vinyl cut-out lettering and images!!
With the digital press we are not limited by size, shape, or minimum quantities.  The digital press also offers up to three year fade resistant inks. 

The following ink colors are standard with no extra charge.
Special Pantone mixes and metallic inks require a fee.

Reflex Blue, Red 185, Green 347, Burgundy 208,
 Brown 468, Pantone Purple, Process Blue,
 Process Yellow, Black

What are stickers for? Stickers can do many things. If one uses a keen eye to observe the surroundings, one will find that practically every place has a sticker or a label. Stickers for personal use are basically for aesthetic purposes or for announcing one’s preferences for certain artists, music types, or other similar ideas. While stickers for businesses are for identification, promotion and advertising. Here are some of the specific uses of stickers.

- Stickers called “brand stickers” are placed on products in order to identify the name of the manufacturer of the products or which company the product came from. Consumers check out the brand stickers to know if they are buying the products of the company they wanted to patronize.

- Stickers on some products can be descriptive. That is, the manufacturer’s name is not the only thing that can be found on the stickers. The sticker contains a specific description of the product. Usually, such a description is not obviously discernible when one looks at the appearance of the product.

- Stickers, in the form of barcodes, easily and specifically identify a particular product. If one intends to have the business products displayed in groceries or in a similar marketing environment, then it will be convenient to have the products bear barcodes.

- Stickers, called holographic stickers, are used as protection against fake or counterfeit products. Thus, holographic stickers are found on Ids, credit cards, and electronic products such as CDs and DVDs.

- Stickers are not only for businesses. Stickers are important to drivers and car owners. For example, the stickers on the windscreens of cars show the vehicle registration, service details, and other necessary information that identifies the cars.

- Stickers are also useful to politicians, especially during a campaign period. By placing stickers on cars, houses, walls, and other visible objects, an individual proclaims the political candidate who has the individual’s vote.

- Stickers and labels are also used for scientific researches. In particular, the radioactive labels contain the radioactive element called carbon-14. This carbon-14 is safe for humans, but it will allow scientific researchers a way to track some chemical compounds.

The uses of stickers are not limited only to the ones listed here. The uses of stickers will be limited only by one’s imagination. One should take stock of his present business set-up and find aspects that will benefit greatly from the use of stickers. Then, one should immediately contact a label and sticker manufacturer.

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