Q: Do you sell email addresses?
A: Absolutely not. We don't have time and even if we wanted to, we wouldn't know how. We just print stickers and love doing only that.

Q: Do you print large quantities?
A: Yes. We can print thousands and thousands of stickers and labels.

Q: Do you do tamper resistant stickers and labels?
A: Yes. We have 2 different forms of tamper resistant stickers and labels. The first leaves a film that reads "Void" when peeled off, the second will just disintegrate. Due to the availability of stock, turnaround on these jobs is 5-7 days.

Q: How large can stickers actually be?
A: The largest sticker we can run in-house is 6 1/2" x 13 1/2". We can also print continuous patterns, which require no die cutting.

Q: How many different colors can you print on my stickers?
A: We can print 3 colors with color matching and close registration on our large press. On our digital printer, we are able to print full color from a jpg, gif, bmp etc. along with specialty shapes. But please get a quote for just about any type of sticker to fill your needs.

Q: Do you print blank thermal printer stock for my Zebra printer"?
A: Blank Thermal Printer Stock is not a problem for your Zebra, Brady, Eltron, IBM, or most any orther thermal printer.

Q: Do you do silk-screening?
A: We don't do silk-screening at this time, however with the new ink formulations, we can duplicate the durability you will find in this process.

Q: What is the minimum quantity I can order?
A: We have a minimum quantity of 500 (and in some cases 250) Stickers but are willing to accommodate your needs.

Q: Can you make weather resistant stickers?
A: Absolutely, we have different processes for weatherproofing stickers, including lamination.

Q: Do you have the capability of printing food stickers and wine labels?
A: Food Stickers and Wine Labels are not a problem.